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Stealth Telecom Mobile HF Antennas Line Up


The type 9300 antennas will flawlessly tune to any frequency in entire 1.5-30MHz HF band in just 0.25 sec. High RF power handling capability is ideal for prolonged sessions of data and voice communications. Software aided interface provides interoperability with any existing multi-channel HF transceiver featured with ALE and Frequency Hopping.

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The Stealth 9310 Automatic Tuning Mobile HF Antenna is member of the 93-series mobile HF antenna family initially designed for military and professional applications. Capable to 200W PEP RF power handling the 9310 is adopted for easy interfacing with radio amateur grade HF transceivers. The 9310 automatically tunes in less than half second to any frequency in 1.8-30MHz range with maximum radiating efficiency optimized on HAM HF bands.

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The Stealth 9320 Automatic Tuning Marine HF Antenna provides for continuous frequency coverage throughout marine HF communication bands. 200W PEP RF power handling capability is ideal for data and voice communications. Software aided interface provides easy interfacing with virtually any AM/SSB telephony multi-channel marine HF transceiver.

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The Stealth 9360 Automatic Tuning Mobile HF Antenna automatically tunes in 0.35 sec to any frequency throughout HF band. Highly efficient and capable to 200W PEP RF power handling the 9360 is ideal antenna for use with modern SDR architecture HF transceivers designed for data and voice communications on mobile.

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The Stealth 9400 Super SkyRider™ NVIS Loop Antenna is workhorse that long time acclaimed by radio professionals worldwide. Extremely high radiating efficiency combined with outstanding NVIS properties of the 9400 antenna guarantee crystal clear HF communications where any other antenna signal fails to be even noticed - in forests, mountain gorges and other poor soil conductivity terrains without skip zone and shadow gaps in 0-2000 km distances.

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The Stealth 9420 Automatic Tuning NVIS Mobile Loop Antenna is intended for seamless HF communications in NVIS, ground wave and sky wave distances. Equipped with flexible radiating loop the 9420 is a small footprint version of the 9400 Super SkyRider™ NVIS Loop Antenna. With legendary performance inherited from the original 9400 design the 9420 construction is focused on mechanical durability required for installation on variety of military and civil vehicular platforms.

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